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Here at YW Music, we pride ourselves on providing quality instruments and music tuition, no matter what your age. We offer piano lessons for adults, beginners and experienced. If you’re looking for piano lessons for adults in Brisbane, we can offer you a tailored service to suit your specific needs and help you reach your goals. We understand that the best way to help you improve is to understand what you need and want from your lessons and we have years of experience in delivering results to our clients. We offer piano lessons in a range of styles so whatever your taste we will have a piano teacher who will be able to help.


    About Piano Classes

    Benefits Of Piano Lessons

    Although the benefits of learning piano for younger people are well documented, not as many people are aware that learning to play the piano later in life can be just as beneficial. In fact, given the range of benefits, and the positive impact on cognitive health and the proven role in treating people with diseases such as Alzheimer’s, it’s surprising more isn’t written on the subject. We’ve summarised some of the key benefits for adults learning piano below.


    Boosts Cognitive Health and Development

    The demands playing the piano makes on the brain provide great exercise, and exercise is as important for the brain as it is for any other part of the body: in exactly the same way your body can benefit from resistance or cardiovascular exercises, practising the piano for just 20 minutes a day can help keep you mentally fit. Practising the piano is scientifically proven to increase cognitive development – which is great for adults. Regular piano practice is shown to increase memory among other cognitive functions.

    Learning to play the piano has been shown to promote rehabilitation, but can also be preventative: especially in helping older adults stay mentally active and protect against illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Studies have shown improvements in the brain chemistry of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, and there is also evidence that both listening to and learning music activates the cerebellum, which can in turn help stroke victims regain language capabilities.


    Fights Ageing

    The Music Making and Wellness project — a five-year study that involved music experts from universities and colleges across the USA — shows that the level of human growth hormone increased 90 percent in seniors who were given keyboard lessons. Given that HGH is an essential chemical that helps slow many ageing conditions, like osteoporosis, loss of muscle mass, and aches and pains, and coupled with the fact that HGH decreases with age by as much as 50 percent after 40, this provides a significant boost in the battle against ageing.


    Boosts Wellbeing

    There is a growing body of evidence which shows that making music is a great way of fighting stress, and in older people is shown to reduce levels of anxiety, loneliness and depression. This, in turn, stimulates the immune system, improves health and stress levels, and creates a happy feedback loop which can greatly increase feelings of wellbeing in the student.


    Increases Coordination

    Piano playing increases coordination. When playing the piano, each hand must often perform entirely different movements, and the brain must tell each hand what to do. So playing the piano not only requires great hand-eye coordination but requires our hands to learn to move independently of one another, which stimulates several areas of the brain at the same time, providing a great mental workout.


    Feeds The Brain

    EyeglassThe piano is one of the best instruments with which to learn music theory, and indeed is one of the more difficult to learn without. This is not a drawback however: think of the analysis of musical passages and theory as another mental exercise when you play piano. As you learn the meaning of chords, melodies, and harmonic changes, you are not only mastering music but also providing the brain with a huge amount of stimulation. As you progress to sight reading, the eyes must follow the music while the hands play it, which also promotes hand-eye coordination.


    Increases Hearing Awareness

    Much like a painter becomes hard-wired to see the finer details of any scene they analyse, musicians experience increased hearing awareness. In a purely musical sense, this means you will develop an ability to recognise pitches and tones in relation to one another, as intervals stimulate your mind in slightly different ways. In a real-world sense, there is evidence that musicians find it easier to distinguish voices in a crowd, for example, as their hearing has trained itself to be more in tune to what it is listening for.


    Great for Socialising

    Piano lessons provide an opportunity not only to learn but to socialise. This is not limited to lessons, however: the ability to play the piano will open up a whole range of potential social opportunities, even if it is just sitting around singing some songs badly around a piano! Playing music to people in a social setting not only enriches the experience of those around you but gives you a chance to show off all your hard work and feel the sense of accomplishment you deserve.


    Advantages of Adult Piano Lessons

    Playing PianoIt is always said that you should start playing piano young: however, there are in fact many advantages to learning later in life!

    • Adult learners are more motivated: unlike a child who is being told to attend lessons, adults are self-motivated, practice more and have greater focus.
    • Years of schooling, and then work, mean you can read, understand and apply instructions, without having to be constantly reminded.
    • Years of schooling, and then work, mean you can learn faster.
    • As your hands are fully developed, it will be easier for you to hold the “cupped” hand posture as you play.
    • Adults are more likely to enrich their studies; reading books, watching educational DVD’s, and attending concerts.

    Buying a Piano

    Of course, if you’re really serious about learning to play the piano, then lessons alone might not be enough: you need a piano of your own to practice on, as after all, practice definitely makes perfect. YW Music has a wide range of pianos suitable for the beginner right up to the accomplished player. So whatever your needs, be sure to check out our selection today as we’re positive we’ll have the right thing for you.

    Our Teachers

    Qualified Piano Teachers With Years Of Experience

    Our professional piano teachers have and great skill and many years experience teaching people of all ages and will be on hand to help you achieve your goals and develop into a great pianist. Our friendly and patient team will put you at ease no matter what your level, and with a focus on finding out your goals and helping you achieve what you want from your lessons we’re sure you’ll be more than happy with our service.

    Annie Piano Teacher Teaching Level: AAAAA class teaching Fee: $80/60 minutes (one-to-one)

    Annie graduated from the University of Queensland with a teacher’s degree in 1991, registered teacher qualification in the Queensland Teachers Association in 1992, and graduated with a master’s degree in education from Griffith University in 2004.

    She has taught at public and private primary and secondary schools in Brisbane for more than 20 years. After teaching piano in Australia for over thirty years, he has successfully trained a number of M.Sc. students and taught in Australian schools. They are very familiar with Australia’s test repertoire and requirements. Many students have achieved excellent results in competitions and Australian music examinations.

    Li Yiwei Piano Teacher Teaching Level: AAAAA class teaching Fee: $80/60 minutes (one-to-one)

    Li Yiwei, 1997 graduated from Hangzhou Normal University music department, engaged in piano and vocal music teaching, 1997 student Li Bele in the “Star Torch” vocal contest won the National Gold Award. 15 students entered the conservatory in 1998-1999. 2000 founded Yongkang Art School, the existing students more than 3,000 people, more than 80 staff.

    President Li’s teaching not only teaches children to play the piano, but also let students love music, love life, his class involves a lot of aspects, is a very good piano teacher, is an excellent life mentor.

    Tianmu Art School’s New Year’s concert under the leadership of Mr. Li has held 16 sessions

    Pan Hengjia Vocal music teacher teaching Level: AAAA class teaching Fee: $70/60 minutes (one-to-one)

    Pan Hengjia, who has served as a full-time music teacher in the National public primary School for 8 years, in the years of teaching, performing, and training teachers practice, summed up a set of efficient and rapid learning methods, the abstract perceptual vocal music learning, through the touch, see, listen to understand the teaching method, so that students understand and grasp the fastest.

    2003 won the national “dream of Winter” vocal music Competition Youth Group Gold Award; 2005 singing the original song “Yongkangjiang call” was named Zhejiang Province, the top ten environmental singers

    Shen Candice Piano Teacher Teaching level: AAAA class teaching Fee: $70/60 minutes (one-to-one)

    2009 graduated from Binzhou College of Shandong Province, majoring in piano. During the school, won the first prize scholarship, individual scholarships, inspirational scholarships and Piano competition, “the best college Cup” and other honors.

    has been engaged in piano teaching work has been 8 years of time, summed up a set of fun and professional as one of the system piano teaching method. Let each student to learn the piano, can harvest music and happiness!

    2012, was awarded the “Professional Skill Award” by the Association of Musicians of Shandong province.

    2013-2015, Jinan Art Training School as the president of the District, the management of five arts training schools

    Luo-pui piano, vocal music teacher teaching Level: AAA class teaching Fee: $60/60 minutes (one-to-one)

    Graduated from Music Education Department of Hangzhou Normal University music College. During the university, the professional results in the top, many times to obtain the first prize study gold.

    In the area of vocal music, Robes has won the 45th session of the Italian “Bellini International Vocal Competition” Best Performance Award, the 16th “International Artist Music Competition” Bel Canto group third, school teachers basic Skills Competition vocal second, and successfully held a solo concert.

    In the Piano field, Robes teachers in the university many times to obtain the highest grade piano test

    Sheng-chen Vocal music teacher Teaching Level: AAA class teaching Fee: $60/60 minutes (one-to-one)

    Good at pop music: jazz, R&B style.

    Since 2006, he has been studying vocal music performance, specializing in Bel canto

    2008 Division from Professor Liu Xingeng, learning pop music performance,

    2009 successfully admitted to the Nanjing Academy of Art, pop music performance Professional, division from the Chinese baritone singer Hou Wei teacher,

    2012 following the old team to Singapore to participate in the global Chinese competition

    Chaoxiaomon Piano Teacher Teaching Level: AAA class teaching Fee: $60/60 minutes (one-to-one)

    Graduated from Shandong Normal University Conservatory of Music, now UQ Reading Music Department graduate student. Learning piano from a young age, piano skills, basic skills, and won the Piano award, has won the Yangtze River Cup of China’s first team, Shandong Province Youth talent Contest Grand Prize, and in Shandong TV broadcast game process.

    The undergraduate has been engaged in piano education, children’s interest in piano, piano examination, youth skills upgrading, art students, adult piano has a wealth of experience, has been outside the Jining vocational and Technical college professor of piano lessons, students up to 800 people, the opening of “Meng said piano-talk about the development of piano”

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