The saxophone is famous for its use in jazz and rock music in the modern world. Its distinctive sound lends itself to a wide variety of musical styles which in part explains it’s popularity. From famous lead parts in songs like ‘Baker Street’ to countless jazz and soul records, the saxophone is one of the coolest instruments around and an endlessly popular choice for learners and beginner musicians. 

Although most commonly seen played as a lead instrument, but was originally designed to fill a gap between brass and woodwind in a full orchestra. The saxophone is unique in this sense as, unlike many instruments which evolve over many hundreds of years, it was invented as recently as the 1800’s by Alphonse Sax. It has become arguably the most popular member of the woodwind family. Although constructed out of brass, the saxophone differs from brass instruments as the sound is created by an oscillating wooden reed rather than lips vibrating in a mouthpiece cup, which is why it is described as a woodwind instrument. 

The saxophone comes in a range of different types, the most common being tenor and alto. We have a full range of saxophones available so be sure to check in our store. 

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